Ever since I can remember

Ever since i can remember i have had headaches. I would get them almost everyday. I had a CAT scan and an MRI as a child to see if something was majorly wrong. It came back normal. In a way I was happy and sad. Happy that i didn't have a serious problem but sad that they don't have any answers.

These headaches effected my daily life. I wouldn't feel like doing anything. I didn't want to do sports, be with friends, or even get up to go down stairs to eat dinner and at this time i was only 10 or 11. My headaches became so frequent that my mom started to doubt i was actually having them and that i was using that to get out of doing things.

When i was 12 i moved in with my dad. It relieved some stress and i only got headaches a couple times a week and then lessened although when i would get them they would be the same severity. At 14 i moved into my aunts house.That added a lot of stress and i started getting them everyday again. Just until recently i am 16 now, they became debilitating. I will get very dizzy, i wont see right, it will be most severe around my eye and then radiate near my ear, to the back of my head and neck, basically everywhere else.

I went to my doctors numerous times and they diagnosed it as migraines and prescribed me medication and nothing has been working. not Tylenol, Excedrin, Maxalt, or propranolol. Now they are sending me to a neurologist to hopefully figure something out. I am not at the point where i'm writing you my story with a migraine for the reason being, that somebody else is having the same problem and they know they are not alone. Having migraines can make you feel hopeless sometimes.

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