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Migraines in my twenties

When I was in my twenties,I started having bad headaches,and would lose my vision to swirls that looked like oil on water. They were very painful and lasted for hours. Very debilitating nausea and weakness went hand in hand also. I would cry, the pain was so intense.

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I went to the doctor, and he immediately did a cat scan of my head to be sure it wasn't a tumor or something else. Scan came back ok, he started me on meds, and it was better.....still had headaches but the meds made them shorter and less painful.

Now I am 65 I have been migraine free for many years, when in September of this year, I had gastric by-pass surgery. Three weeks ago, dec. I started having migraines again, not as severe, but everyday with multiples in a day

Again I called the doctor for some meds that we're dissolving as I could not swallow pills yet because of the surgery. I took one pill, and the headaches quit now for a week or so......go figure, I am going to discuss this with my pcp on the next visit. Lack of sleep and stress are my usual triggers, but I wonder if the surgery had something to do with it......Phyllis from michigan

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