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Migraines, Migraines, and more Migraines….

I have had migraines since I was 12. Started with the monthly cycle. I did not have them every month and usually they were for only the first day. However, as I have gotten older they are tearing me apart. While I was in the Navy, I had one for 43 days straight. Every 3rd day I would lose color in my vision. It is weird to see everything in black and white.

They slowed down for a while after I came back home but then about 15 years ago they started to come back strong. I get 15-20 a month even with taking amitriptyline, propranolol and botox. So needless to say, I have decided to stop the botox. In Oct of last year, I had the worse one ever. I bent down and I felt like my head had exploded. Went to the ER where I was put on narcotics and sent home. After 2 doctor’s visits, 3 ER visits and 4 tests later it was determined to be a thunderclap migraine. Thanks…just what I needed was another type of migraine.

So, depression has been an issue along with the pain of the constant migraines. My poor mom keeps apologizing for having me in the first place. Not like she could have predicted the future. I know it is hard for her to watch me go through this torture. I just wish something would work!!!

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    You are the first person I’ve heard of say that with their Migraine their vision changed to seeing things in black and white. That’s fascinating. Probably not as interesting to you.

    No Migraines are fun, but thunderclap Migraines are especially painful and come with a whole host of scary side effects. I’m sure there’s always some underlying fear of when the next one will hit.

    It’s so hard to keep trying new treatments when so many things don’t work. Depression is all to common for us Migraineurs. I just encourage you to let others help you and let them know when you’re having a hard time. Also, tell your doctor. There are medications originally used for depression that also help to prevent Migraines like Effexor.

    Thanks for sharing your story and stay strong!

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