Migraines Mostly Solved with the Ketogenic Diet

Hello I'm a 39 yo male. I've had migraines on and off for the last 5 years. Usually they come in relation to bright light, alcohol or food intake.

5 years ago I had an accident at work. An object hit me in the face fracturing my cheekbone, nose and eye socket and giving me a whiplash while at it. It was a close call but after 3 surgeries I recovered and look remarkably ok.

But after a year I started noticing that something was different. I was regularly taking paracet and ibuprofen for pains, and had been for some time. After drinking wine or beer, I would get these strong headaches. I tried both paracet and ibuprofen but that made it worse. I was probably overusing and alcohol had triggered migraine.

Luckily my father is a doctor, so he was quick to find me a remedy in Maxalt, a Rizatriptan drug. This worked like magic for me.

Still, I noticed that if I got hungry, I would start to get a headache eventually leading to a migraine. Being thirsty or holding urine too long would also lead to the headaches. I noticed headaches when drinking soda pop or eating dessert after a big meal.

Today, after 2 years of research and trial and error, I've found that carb-cravings and insulin is what triggers the headaches. Eating carbohydrates triggers the body's release of insulin, to control the blood sugar levels. Eating fat doesn't trigger insulin at all, which is why a lot of people how found that if you switch to fat as main source of fuel for the body, you will actually lose weight. But not only that, the cravings are virtually gone and so are the headaches.

Only downside is no more bread, pasta, pizza, rolls, rice, corn, potato, sweets etc. But cutting these out also means less inflammation in the body. It means you will lose that belly you've had for years! I lost 24 pounds in 2 months and it was easy.

I can now go hours and hours without eating, just drinking water (sometimes with a pinch of himalaya salt in it). This is called intermittent fasting, a good example of this is skipping breakfast and just go until lunch. Your body loves fasting. This is the time your body repairs and heals itself.

There's too much to write here about this but youtube is a great source of info. Loads of people with different stories have lost their migraines AND weight with this diet. And it's virtually free. No drugs. No symptoms.

Best of luck from Ole

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