They Stink!

Hello I am a migraine suffer also and I do NOT wish my worse enemy these bad boys. I get migraines that mimic a stroke.

Very scary when my symptoms first start, I only take 200mg of Advil Liquid Gel. HIGH TOLERANCE for pain and I also do NOT believe in pain meds. Had a c-section and after I only had 800 Motrin.

Anyway I started to take Aspirin 81 mg 4 times a week. No doc told me to do this but I figured heck if my migraines mimic a stroke and Aspirin helps prevent strokes then why can't I take it?

I am 33 years old and most of the time my migraines are associated with me ovulating or right after I start to menstruate due to Estrogen dropping. I am so glad I found this site makes me feel a little more at ease.

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