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My Miracle cure for migraines “Tulsi Tea” (Holy Basil)

My name is Eli, since the past 14 years I have been suffering from chronic migraines.I am going to be short and to the point. The past 3 months I have been drinking Tulsi without caffeine. After the first 2 weeks my migraines are gone,except when I am going to get my period I get a bad one and I take Imitrex. I did recommended Tulsi to 2 other ladies that suffer horrible migraines like mine and Voila!!! thanks to the miracle Tulsi Tea, migraines are gone. Before I was taking daily fiorecet ,Depakote left me with no hair. I really wanted to die but having 2 kids and a great husband wasn’t an option. Now once or twice a day a cup of tea of Tulsi sans caffeine and I can function and be happy without pain.

Please try it I bought it in whole foods and Fresh Market. Remember caffeine free Red Mango,Chai Red Masala,Sweet Rose distributed by “Organic India” $4.99.

I really pray that when you try it it will take away your migraines forever like it did for me.
Please if it works let me know to keep advocating this tea. : )

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  • Luna
    4 years ago

    It would be interesting to hear whether or not this actually helped anyone else. I used to drink Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea some time back but did not like the taste or smell.

  • Keyla
    5 years ago

    Hi Eli :)Do you drink the tea raw or do you add honey or sugar as well?

  • Keyla
    5 years ago

    Thank you 🙂 I’m drinking it and it’s helping. I feel an improvement!

  • Eli author
    5 years ago

    Hola Keyla:
    I drink it raw : )

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    Tulsi tea is a staple in the Hindu culture. It is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including Migraines. It can be taken as a tea or used in oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will specifically target headaches.

    However, I have read about a few people who have bad reactions to it. So if you’re just starting out, go slow before building up to two cups a day. There have not been scientific studies of the effects of the drug after using it for 6 weeks.

    I encourage anyone to try (while I personally have not yet), but just want everyone to have a better understanding of what Tulsi is about. Here are 2 informative articles:

  • sammy000
    3 years ago

    Hello I experiencing chronic daily headaches for two years now and trying to find a cure. I have been taking tulsi tea for for two months. From February till April,the first three weeks it work even though I was experiencing a lot of tingling on my face. Is it the anti flammatory? Then it stop working and this tingling side effect I was experiencing got really worst. So I stop taking it but it’s now June and still experiencing thus tingling feeling my face. It’s now as bad as to was before but it seems like still in my system? Do you know how long when it will take to go away? Or to flush out of my system?

  • Wellness112
    5 years ago

    I opened one eye just enough to ascertain that I had not closed the blinds last night and sunlight was streaming into the room. To most people, this would be a lovely way to start the day. For me, it was like a knife through my eye and into my skull. The throbbing that was a whisper just moments ago had become a full bass drum. Another migraine had kidnapped my day before it even started.

    I closed my eye and pulled a pillow over my head. I needed to get up, but I knew that leaving my bed would bring on the nausea. I tried not to move; I tried to still my head and ride through the pain but I could not still my mind. I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager. All told, if I strung all of the headaches together, I’ve probably lost 14 years to the pain.

    Acupuncture, avoiding food triggers, hospitalization, and even Botox injections are among the myriad cures I tried. The only relief was from a medication that cost $40 per dose that I had to use sparingly because insurance wouldn’t pay for it. And yet I was still in pain.

    Migraines had robbed me of parties, time with my daughters, money for every treatment available, and a normal life. That day, as I lay in bed, I knew I had to find some way to get my life back.

    Even though I thought I had tried everything, one cure had eluded me. I never thought a nutritional system could make any difference for migraine sufferers. I had tried avoiding the typical migraine-trigger foods with no success, so why would this work?

    The system consisted of a combination of nutritional cleansing and detoxification of the body. I tried not to begin with a pessimistic attitude. The program promised to help with weight loss, improve restorative sleep, release toxins that can cause cancer, increase energy for enhanced exercise performance, it even claimed to support healthy aging. I read through all of the information, including the clinical study data. I had nothing to lose. I decided to try it.

    The first migraine-free day was indescribable. I felt energetic and cautiously optimistic. The second day in a row was like a miracle. Unbelievably, I began my new life as a woman without migraines.

    This new life includes waking up in the morning refreshed and unafraid to face the sun. I don’t need $40 pills anymore. I can go to parties and outings without worrying about a crippling migraine coming on and spoiling the fun.

    My family is now my focus, rather than my migraines. I am happy, healthy, and really enjoying my life. I owe it all to this nutritional system. I can’t get those lost years back, but I can live the rest of my life to the fullest. I never thought I’d say it but… Life is great!


  • Signe
    5 years ago

    Are you saying any flavor of the Tulsi Tea? The parenthesis in the header says “holy basil” then you mention Red Mango, sweet rose and chai re masala. Do you drink any of these twice a day and get results?

    Also, when you started the tea, did you cut caffeine out or do you now use both caffeine and tulsi tea.

    Thanks for clarifying!

  • Corrie
    5 years ago

    Thank you. I am going to try it. I will try anything!! I just got off topamax (the terrible side effects ruined my life for the year was on it)

  • Eli author
    5 years ago

    Dear Corrie:
    I know what you mean trying anything.
    I did forgot to mention my last medication was topamax (zonisamide 100 mg twice a day) the side effect was horrible. Non stop ticking on my eyes,I had to wear dark glasses everyday because everybody notice and told me. But if would have work, I wouldn’t care if I look like a drug addict. Let me know after 2 weeks of trying TULSI if your migraines decrease.

  • Eli author
    5 years ago

    Dear Signe:
    Is HOLY BASIL and comes in different flavors but rememeber FREE CAFFEINE. I cut down coffe to no more than twice a week to take away my craving. But in my case I know more than twice a week coffee I do get a mild migraine.
    I drink TULSI once or twice a day.
    I swear on my kids life my migraines are gone except close to my period I get a strong migraine for maybe one or two days and I take Imitrex. But before I had migraines 24/7. I also took out of my diet all types of soy (soy milk,tofu,soy sauce etc).
    I really hope you get results like myself and my 2 friends : )

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