Misconception about migraines? Twenty One Pilots

I noticed something that I thought was rather weird. So, I used to like the band Twenty One Pilots, and recently remembered them after their song Heathens thanks to a certain anti-hero movie (you know the one I'm talking about.) So I was talking to a friend of mine about my migraines, an they pointed out Twenty One Pilots has a song about it, I thought it was interesting. It's not one of their more popular songs, but still a good song.

Curious because of how many people I've met that also have migraines and how many people misunderstand migraines, I looked up what a lot of people thought the song meant.

Now, their songs usually have an obvious meaning (aside from Heathens). Listen to the lyrics and you generally get it. That doesn't mean that all of their songs are obvious, but this one seemed pretty straight-forward. He struggles with migraines, it makes him feel alone, and often is the cause of suicidal thoughts. Some days are better than others, a lot of relocatable stuff when you're in the struggle.

Which is why I was astounded to find, a lot of people just don't get it. The most common interpretation of a song literally called, "Migraines" is depression. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of the struggles with migraines IS depression. Depression is often a close friend of chronic pains, especially when you're in THAT much pain (not including the millions of other symptoms). Depression can also be a symptom of migraines (weird... huh?)

That was a few months ago, but it still really bothers me. This is the go-to song when I have a migraine, because I'm like, "Thank goodness, someone gets it!" And the fans don't seem to understand. It really feels like their underplaying the real issue of a migraine or thinking migraines are "just a headache" I mean, come on, we've all heard that a migraine was just a headache, so don't play at the idea that the fans won't say the same thing.

I don't really have a point to this story. I just think that shows what "society" thinks of migraines. You have a song called "Migraine" talking about pain in your head and it feels like you're constantly fighting a war, and people get... depression? It really shows how serious people think migraines are when they equate translate the song to depression. Especially because Twenty One Pilots already has a few songs about depression and anxiety (not as literal as Migraine, but still pretty obvious message).

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