Missed many days of work because of my migraines

Hi everyone! I have read some interesting stories you have all posted. I get migraines, at minimum, twice a month. I even had one on Christmas morning last year. I went back to bed after all the presents were open. What fun. During that week, I had a milder headache for the next 4 days. I am on 100 mg Amitriptylene as of the beginning of February, and only had two in that month. I take Frova when I have a migraine, but if I wake up with one, the Frova does not work. I have tried Imitrex, Maxalt, etc, and they did not help. Normally I take the migraine pills, some tylenol, an ibuprofen 800, then go back to bed. It has to be dark and I turn my fan on to block out any other noises, otherwise I listen to everything and my headache gets worse. After several hours of sleep, and maybe 1-2 more migraine pills, another 800 and more tylenol, the pain is tolerable, but I am in a fog. My neurologist says that everything gives me a migraine - stress, too much sleep, not enough sleep, etc. So, not just one thing is triggering them.

I have missed too many days at work because of my migraines, and have been put on warning. I have to go two months before I can take another day off, and don't think my migraines will cooperate.

Have any of you looked into getting disability due to migraines? If so, do you know the steps I need to take? I think if I get fired due to my migraine absences, other companies I explain the situation to, will not be likely to hire me.

Thank you for listening. I will continue to read your stories and looking into alternate ways to keep the migraines from coming on or to make them stop when I have them.

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