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Mom of Migraineurs in this modern world

While I dearly love my husband, two of my children inherited his migrainey brain and I can't help but lovingly (?) frown in his direction when they have an attack.

The most severely-impacted is my 17 year old daughter, a senior at the high school where I am fortunate to be employed. I've been able to be in close contact with her teachers and other important staff, stock my office with water bottles and ice packs, a pillow and blanket, and have the flexibility to let her come take a nap on my conference table if she just needs dark quiet.

I check her Twitterfeed to gauge what kind of day she's having. No tweets? Must be having a painful day! Tweets full of high school drama, teacher complaints and music lyrics are cause for weird joy in this mom's heart - it means she feels like a normal kid today!

She's supposed to message me with symptoms so I can add them to her journal (because heaven forbid she do this on her own... "Mom, I'm trying to have a life!") I usually have to do the daily Mom-Quiz to get the info, the down-low, the 411.

As her headaches are currently changing in intensity and severity with new neurological symptoms, we are getting very serious about keeping records as we go from doctor to doctor. Can't wait to find one that will actually listen or look at our journal, but I refuse to give up.

My prayer is that she will be able to finish out her senior year with less need for intermittent homebound services, and head to college next year. She often has severe stomach pain, dizziness and vomiting without headaches, so she's pretty much a hot mess.

Our hearts ache for the pain we see on her face and in her eyes every single day.

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