My life experience being a Migraineur

Hi ,

I am happened to be part of the community.

I got to know that I do have Migraine (chronic one-sided headache) in 2011) after seeing a Neurologist in one of the leading private hospitals in Kenya.This was when the Neurologist recommended for a city scan to ascertain whether I had other complications in my nerves /system in the head. Intact after a couple months ,I opted to double check with a different Neurologist and an another leading private hospitals where I taken through MRI and got a similar feedback which made me accept and follow the medic advise though little did I know that this thing had hit me while in my 3rd year in high school in 1995 aged just 16 years.

Since then ,I had being taking Betapyn whenever I sense its trigger and at times dicloficanic injection when its severe which could immediately give a relieve.

About a week.ago ,the Migraine had hit me badly and felt it for about three days and after visiting a clinic,the clinic asked the drugs I had being using since it was diagnosed in 2011 and after mentioning. Betapyn he recommended for a change (Flunarizine Tablets) which is also called Sibelium and it was really very effective unlike the traditional one I was used to.

Ali Hussein

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