My Little Corner

I started having migraine headaches when I was 12 yrs old but unfortunately, the doctor didn't believe that my pain was as severe as it was so I was given Tylenol. I can't blame my Mama because she did what the doctor said and according to him I would feel better after a nap and Tylenol.

Dismissive doctors

Thankfully she decided to get a second opinion. Unfortunately, the doctors she'd take me to felt the same way, and now I had an even bigger problem my Mama thought I was faking. So from then on I'd take my prescription Tylenol and get my pillow and blanket and find a corner of the house where no one else was or would be. Thus "My Little Corner" was created.

My family doesn't understand

I'm 43 yrs old now, separated with two sons, 20 & 18, and with all the commercials on TV, social media, and the medications that I have; at one time or another each and every one of them. My husband and both sons actually admitted that they honestly thought I was faking to keep from working & helping around the house!!

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