My Migraine Journey

My headaches started after having my children. I'm past menopause and still having them.. I have had 3TIA,s.
My mom had migraines too.
I have tried about everything out short of shooting myself.
At this time I weaned myself off Topimax due to the side affects.
I'm getting nerve blocks, am taking imitrex and using medical cannabis, which by the way, cannabis hasn't worked.
When the barometric pressure changes I have a headache. I think the blocks have helped for the lights, smells etc. But not completely. The pain the confusion, auras, teeth, ears and throat hurting gets like I'd give anything to make them go away..
The money spent is unbelievable!
Some times ins. Helps sometimes no it's totally out of pocket but which of us will try most anything.
I've lost jobs because of headache's.
I've missed out on lots of activities with my kids and theirs.
I'm blessed with a wonderful understanding hubby.

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