My millenial, 'candid', migraine story and tips, hashtags included

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my story and hopefully some survival tips with you. I am a 29 y/o female and I started having vertigo attacks around the age of 20. I also started having migraines soon after this. I attribute them both to a car accident I had that summer which needless to say, made the remainder of my college years painful, but not as painful as my med school years. I started having consistent and persistent vertigo on my second hear of med school. It made the classes so much fun, having to hold on to the desk for dear life while trying to stay awake/take notes/learn. I then started identifying the 'scenarios' that were more likely to lead to a migraine and try my best to avoid them. See at that time, I hadn't see a Neurologist as my attacks were 'infrequent' and sporadic. So after suffering for half a year, I finally saw a Dr about it over my Christmas break at home, who then prescribed me meclizine and sumatriptan. The meds were a life saver and made the rest of med school less painful. I've been able to survive on these but I still suffer from attacks, especially if I am underfed, underslept, and overstressed. Oh wait, that's residency.

I am currently on my last year as a resident and about to bounce from this place and much more cognizant about my migraines after suffering them for 9 years and now having the ability of better understanding it thanks to my medical knowledge

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