My Miraculous Recovery

My migraines started almost 25 years ago when I was 12 years old, right after I hit puberty. My symptoms were: pulsating pain on both sides of head, abdominal pain, vertigo & occasional nausea. I found relief by sleeping it off in a cool, dark room. Then, at the age of 20 my symptoms started to change and the pain became unbearable. The cool, dark room wasn't cutting it anymore. So I made an appointment with a neurologist. After a few visits I was able to convince him to order a CT scan of the brain. Then he ordered an MRI. I had a benign tumor located in my cerrebellum. The tumor was successfully removed & it was thought that since it was removed I could likely be free of this debilitating disorder. Well, I wasn't totally free of head pain but they weren't nearly as bad.

In my early 30's I was also diagnosed with bipolar depression and anxiety. I'm under the care of a psychiatrist and take my condition seriously. I maintain a good relationship with my doctor and I take care of my health the best way I can. But sometimes I do notice changes in my mood & an increase in my anxiety when I experience a migraine. It seems they go hand in hand.

Out of no where, the throbbing pain and nausea started. My neurologist prescribed me a preventative, amitriptyline and an abortive, Imitrex. When I could not tolerate the pain though, my doctor would order toradol, benadryl, compezine & a bag of fluids. Given through IV in a hospital setting. This was the only thing that got me through. However, my migraines increased & I was receiving this concoction 3-4 times/ month. In addition, I was using an Imitrex shot 2 times / week. Someone please help me get these migraines under control!!

Finally, I met with the most understanding & compassionate doctor 4 months ago. DR. PURATH from Milwaukee, WI. She spent a lot of time getting the information she needed to properly treat me. She told me that the number one goal here was to allow me to live a better quality of life. And to keep me out of the hospital! She prescribed me a medicine, Methergine that she called "The Big Guns". I'm happy to say that I have been migraine free for 4 months.

I see my doctors at least one a month to address any concerns I have & to have that peice of mind. I recommend anyone who suffers from migraines with or without depression-anxiety to find a doctor that really listens to you & is really dedicated to finding the best treatment for you.

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