"What Did You Do This Weekend?"

"What did you do this weekend" is a frequent topic of conversation at work. I am appreciative that my colleagues care enough about me to ask, but I never know if I should be honest.

I have chronic migraines and often will feel unwell for months on end. During those periods, I come home exhausted after a day at work. I only have enough energy to eat, connect with my friends and family, watch a little TV, and collapse into bed. When it comes to weekends, I usually get a let-down headache.

I get behind on my household tasks and then the vicious cycle of guilt begins. I feel guilty that I am not more productive on evenings and weekends. There are small jobs around the house that are left undone. There are friends and family that don't get the attention they deserve.

The Monday morning the question "what did you do this weekend" is tough for me to answer. Am I honest or do I gloss over the fact that I did just enough to survive and get myself ready for another week?

The silver lining: because of my chronic health issues, I am more sensitive to the needs of my patients. I can connect with someone on a deeper level, which in turn, increases my job satisfaction.

I'm so lucky to have very supportive parents and friends as well as a health care team that help me focus on the importance of self-care and being kinder to myself. Recently I decided to be honest and answer "not much." My colleagues won't understand what it is like to have chronic migraines. I'm so glad they don't.

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