My neurological migraine story

I am 28 years old, and have suffered from chronic neurological migraines since 2002. Altitude changes, lack of sleep, and stress are my most noticeable triggers, but overall my migraines remain largely unpredictable. With each migraine, I experience visual disturbances from flashing squiggly lines to "Swiss cheese vision" where spots of my vision are blacked out. Ice packs on my head and the back of my neck can ease pain sometimes. I keep a frozen eye mask in my fridge/freezer and a box of instant cold compresses in my car for when a migraine hits on the road. Nausea commonly affects me. I have had hit-and-miss luck with drugs, including triptans. Laying down in a dark room is the best remedy. The good news is: time heals all things--even the WORST migraines.

After an increase in migraine frequency last fall, my doctor recommended I have a CT scan even though he imagined it would come back normal. I certainly didn't expect to find anything, but found I have a pineal gland cyst. I now have to monitor this calcified cyst for growth and change once a year with CT scans. At this point, we are unsure if the cyst is what has been causing the migraines since we only have one set of images. My lesson is: if your doctor recommends a CT scan, have it done. You never know.

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