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Ever since I was in third grade, I have experienced migraine headaches. My case appears to be very unusual, because I have pain in my head constantly. Few pain-killers have any effect on the pain, and I have frequent migraines. I have been to six different doctors, including two neurologists and an acupuncturist. I have taken multiple medications, none of which seem to have done the trick.

When I get a migraine, I usually do not get an aura, but occasionally I do. I usually experience some degree of nausea, but thankfully I usually don't throw up. But when I do, it isn't pretty(if vomiting ever is pretty, that is). I experience major sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and temperature. Weather also sometimes has an effect on me as far as migraines are concerned, but I haven't pinpointed exactly how. My migraines last from minutes to weeks. Running and sports were my feet/body heavily impact the ground (volleyball especially, which unfortunately is my favorite sport). I had to give up volleyball due to the predictably awful headaches I would get after practice and games. When I travel, I have to wear sunglasses, but at some point during the trip I have to take off the glasses because the pressure of the frames on my temples seem to accentuate my headache.

However, I am not without hope. There are methods that I have developed to combat the chronic pain which I experience. I have found that peppermint and lemongrass essential oils help to alleviate the pain. Making sure to follow a set sleeping pattern also helps, and maintaining hydration is crucial. I have a problem with stress, which gives me headaches, and in turn gives me stress. It’s a never ending cycle.

Right now, I take feverfew herbal suppliments, which seem to help reduce frequency of major headaches. I used to take the drug Topomax, which only helped for about a year before becoming ineffective, in addition to severely affecting my ability to concentrate.

I have identified migraine triggers such as avocadoes, fresh onions, citrus, soy, vegetable oils, vinegar, and smoked meats.

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