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Hi, My story started 25 years ago while riding my bicycle in the Clearwater Florida area. I was riding along and all of a sudden started getting a vision issue. The cracked glass usually seen by migraine sufferers. I stopped and laid down for an hour on a park bench. It dissipated over that hour and so I rode home, about a one hour ride. Update to 2015, and I still had the migraines with aura off and on over the years. But they would be more often, but only last an hour or so. I was having issues with the gut and digestion by now. So I’d joined a Facebook group, The Magnesium Advocacy Group in 2012 realizing my symptoms were magnesium deficiency. But I was way more deficient in many other minerals due to gut issues and iron overload issues. Along the way, I was studying about vitamins and minerals and was intrigued by copper. Iron disrupts magnesium, copper, zinc and other minerals. Plus having Leaky Gut, I was not digesting properly and after testing I found out I was very low in all my minerals except Sodium. This was causing all my symptoms. And migraines with aura was a big issue. Thru experimentation and blood work and hair tissue mineral analysis, I decided to take a low dose of Copper Liver Chelate. I started with 2 mg. Max dose is 10 mg RDA. 2 mg was not enough so I upped the dose to 4 mg a day. I was getting results, but would occasionally get a migraine still. We went on a cruise and the day we drove to the port, we were 10 minutes from Port Everglades I start getting a migraine. Not fun while traveling. So I upped the dose to 6 mg and again less migraines, but still some. So I just jumped the dose 10 mg. Magic, no migraines. I’ve been taking 10 mg every day for at least a year and maybe had one migraine in the past 12 months.

The key is to get the blood iron panel done and the hair tissue mineral analysis to determine your mineral levels.

I get my blood work done at I have no financial interest in any of this.

Hair analysis I did through the FB group above, but you can search online for any service. Be sure the company they use for the hair test is Trace Elements, Addison TX.

Do not take copper without proper testing. You may have high copper and adding more might be detrimental to your health. If that is the case, then you may need to build up your Ceruloplasmin by taking vitamin A as Retinol, derived from animals. Your best source is a high-quality Cod Liver Oil. And what does Retinol do? It increases Ceruloplasmin which mobilizes Copper to get it circulating. The real issue that disrupts the copper metabolism is excess unbound Iron.

So, that’s about it. Testing and then start the process of copper, either taking some or the other part with cod liver oil to increase Ceruloplasmin.

I hope you have success like I did as I know what you’ve been thru. And I’ve known several people who have dealt with severe cases of migraines that never figured it out.

I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Best of luck! Alan

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