My wish with Migraine

As I know for a fact that migraine does not yet have a cure and there is no medically proven remedy available. I don't wish for a lesser suffering or cure for the 30 million population worldwide (the migraineurs). But I do wish for something else that is feasible.

I wish we can dig our head in a place where it is pitch dark and the ecosystem is sound proof.

I wish we have the liberty to cry.

I wish we get something to drink, even before we ask for it, everytime after we throw up.

I wish we dont have to give a fake smile and we don't need to speak in a normal voice just to escape from the harsh comments like overacting from people around us.

I wish we have trees in the place where we live as it maintains a suitable temperature for a cold blooded organism (migraineaur).

I wish we can have our mother or our loved one holding the one during migraine and speak nothing.

I wish we are not alone though we are isolated.

I wish not for sympathy or empathy but for just understanding.

Karthikeyan Ramalingam is from India, with classic migraine since his childhood (for nearly 25 years).

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