Hi. I've suffered form migraines since I was 9, and I'm now 41. When I was little I had migraines at least once a week, and could not even put my head on the pillow: it hurt too much. As I got older I got migraines from stress, the weather and "just out of the blue", and I usually woke up sick. Rarely I got the migraine during the day. Rarely aura, and rarely so bad I threw up. Smell got stronger during the attack.

As a single mom I had to make my life work, so I often got to work while sick, as well as driving my son to friends, activities, helped with homework. I refused to let my social life suffer, so I tried to live my life to the fullest. It's hard enough to suffer from migraines, and the migraine hangover makes it even worse. It's been hard.

I've tried several types of medication, both in front of and during an attack. When I've tried to get a new review of my medication and treatment, they just give me new drugs. I've tried heat medication, medication to prevent attacks, medication for immediate relief, anxiety medication, nasal-, rectal- and oral medication. Prescribed medication and medication sold over the counter. The neurologist even said that I had headaches because of too much drugs..... and prescribed me more drugs. :(.

I tried on my own to find alternative methods for relief, and finally ended up trying a naprapath. He worked on my muscles and my bones in my back and neck. It's a long process and it's not cheap. But I could feel how my body responded positive to the treatment. Now I've been migraine free for 70 days, that has never happened before. The funny part is that though I suffer from tension migraines, migraines from weather changes and migraines I do not know the triggers from, I have had fewer attacks from all of them since I started going to the naprapath. And today, I've actually been migraine free for 70 days!

WHY do they stuff our bodies with pills without checking if there are other tings wrong that can cause a migraine? I still have migraines, but it can't be compared to before. I've got a new life because of this treatment, and my body is healthier now that I don't take that much medication. My quality of life has improved a lot. I'm quite mad at the medical stand that only pushes medication on us instead of trying to find out if there can be other ways to help us. And I'm mad to think that my life up to now might have been better if I had this help earlier. I'm equally mad about the fact that I had to find this out by my self.

Why is it so easy to stuff us full of medication without seeing the body as one and treat it as one, and not as separate parts?

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