Never ending migraine tale

Well I was asked to share my story so guess I should start with I have had migraines pretty much since my 20's or at least this is when I first would get one back then it was like 1 a year what I would not give for that ratio now LOL.

Anyway I would have to hit the bed and be in the dark all day I was not working and was a mother with young kids at this time so at least I did not have to worry about a job, it was not until I hit my mid 30's that they became very regular by this time I was working as a vet tech and not sure if the smells of the anesthetic or the lighting or combo of both but they started to increase to at least one a month and later to weekly. I always got a menstrual migraine and back then I seemed to always have the aura before. By the time I hit 42 I was having them almost daily this is when I finally saw my GP for them and was given Axert which was a godsend but after a time it quit working and he sent me to a neurologist who ran many tests to make sure my head was OK. Saw him for 2 yrs when we parted due to him IMO not letting me try meds I wanted to try Midrin and he refused due to narcotics in the med.

At this time I am also seeing a pain Dr for chronic pain issues to he is who to this day manages my migraines. I did try to see another neurologist last year but did not like him his answer for everything was if what I was doing gave me a migraine then do not do it. Made me feel like I should just give up and die so never when back to him. My menopause Dr has been a blessing she has helped in many ways and I have been on soooo many drugs the list seems endless to all that I have been on. I have been out of work since last fall due to missing too much and I also have fibromyalgia and terrible fatigue I would like to get back to my job but I am starting to wonder if I will ever feel good again. I have good days and bad days.

I am married to a wonderful husband and have 3 sons 31, 29, and 26. We breed and show abyssinians in CFA **edited by moderator due to commercial content** I also have a diabetic cat who is my best buddy in all the world .
This is his cat blog

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