I Never had Migraines, UNTIL I had a CONCUSSION


Before my TBI/concussion in the year 2000, I never even had bad headaches! I had mild headaches. And even then, not often.

Unfortunately, I suffered a severe concussion in the year 2000. Back then, doctors, including specialists, knew nothing about symptoms, risks or treatments. I went BACK to work 4 days later, and worked in front of a computer 10 hours a day!

I suffered without diagnosis or treatment until 2011, when new research identified concussions /TBI as a cause of permanent migraines. In people who never suffered migraine previously. A neurologist confirmed the diagnosis, and I started taking imitrex.

For the record all triptans work only 40 to 60% of the time. Scientific research, NOT drug company wishful thinking.

Rain/precipitation is my number one trigger.

4 months ago, I found a life-changing app, free, called Migraine Buddy. I now track migraines, postdromes, etc in detail. Awesome app.

Good luck with your migraines.

And. If you know someone who's had a recent car accident, if they're having headaches, it's likely a migraine caused by the TBI. Docs often miss the TBI after a car accident, especially if it's a minor accident. Get your friend to the doctor for a concussion evaluation, and a triptan prescription.

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