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I Never had Migraines, UNTIL I had a CONCUSSION


Before my TBI/concussion in the year 2000, I never even had bad headaches! I had mild headaches. And even then, not often.

Unfortunately, I suffered a severe concussion in the year 2000. Back then, doctors, including specialists, knew nothing about symptoms, risks or treatments. I went BACK to work 4 days later, and worked in front of a computer 10 hours a day!

I suffered without diagnosis or treatment until 2011, when new research identified concussions /TBI as a cause of permanent migraines. In people who never suffered migraine previously. A neurologist confirmed the diagnosis, and I started taking imitrex.

For the record all triptans work only 40 to 60% of the time. Scientific research, NOT drug company wishful thinking.

Rain/precipitation is my number one trigger.

4 months ago, I found a life-changing app, free, called Migraine Buddy. I now track migraines, postdromes, etc in detail. Awesome app.

Good luck with your migraines.

And. If you know someone who’s had a recent car accident, if they’re having headaches, it’s likely a migraine caused by the TBI. Docs often miss the TBI after a car accident, especially if it’s a minor accident. Get your friend to the doctor for a concussion evaluation, and a triptan prescription.

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  • reelfoot
    7 months ago

    Oh, this speaks to me! I did have migraines as a child. I didn’t know it was what they were and neither did my mother. I referred to them as sick headaches. I knew once I got sick, they eased. Migraines are genetic in both sides of my family, I learned. But this article speaks to me as I had a car accident and my head hit the rear view mirror. The resulting scar is where the migraine pain is. I too had permanent migraines. I left my job in 1997 when I suffered what became a 9 month migraine with no abating. I ran out of time and FMLA and lost my job. My mood grew black and depression set in from dealing with constant pain, doctors who insisted if imitrex didn’t work, it wasn’t a true migraine. I chased any explanation I could find in search of relief that never came. I had my eyes checked. I saw a dentist. Had my hormones checked. Saw an allergist. Nothing helped. Why they took so long to pair migraines and depression is beyond me. I am a redhead. It is true about high tolerance to pain medication. I kept the same doctor 21 years because in today’s world, they accuse you of doctor shopping. I never refused a test and I never refused whatever medication they assigned to me. Nothing worked and here I am over 20 years later with that same statement. Nothing works. The best I can do is control my surroundings and ride it out. If nausea grows bad enough I can’t keep Phenergan down, I get a shot. Rarely do I accept any other pain medication shot. It only makes the doctor feel better. If the migraine has gone on awhile and tension has built and caused more pain in my head and neck, I agree to the shot to relieve that tension. If someone has a suggestion, I am open to it.

  • laurahildebrand
    7 months ago

    Me too. Nothing works. Pain meds can take the edge off, but they never seem to kill the pain. Have you tried visiting a migraine clinic? I’ve been to Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago and they tried numerous new treatments on me. Unfortunately, I had no long term relief. I was scheduled to go to Thomas Jefferson Hospital’s migraine clinic in May, but I became very ill with gastroparesis and had to cancel. I have major abdominal surgery Sept 16 and I hope to be able to go to Philadelphia in a couple of months. They do different treatments than Diamond – like lidocaine and ketamine infusions. I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    7 months ago

    Thank you greatly for your willingness to share your long painful journey to receive an official migraine diagnosis. I am so sorry to hear that you experienced a concussion and that it changed your life so dramatically. Kudos to you for not giving up to find the answers you were looking for! We sure have come a long way in learning more about the impact of TBI/concussion, but it seems we still have some way to go. Hearing & learning more stories like yours absolutely helps to raise awareness, so again we thank you! It’s also great to hear that triptans help to provide you with relief, as others may not be as fortunate and do not.

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