New and Scary symptoms

So I have had really bad migraines for about 10 years now, ever since I was in a really bad car accident. I have tried so many different medications for my migraines and also for the injuries that I have suffered from the accident. So, recently I have seen 2 different neurologist, 1 for my spine and 1 for my migraines.

The neurologist for my migraines has taken me off my beta blocker and the pill form of Sumatriptan and put me back on Topamax and hax given me the 6mg shot form of Sumatriptan, so anyways, yesterday Jne2,2012 I woke and I noticed that my lips were numb and my neck was hurting, and I didn't think to much of it and as the day progressed my tonge was numb and so I started to get a little concered. I didn't have a migraine yet and I never had these symtoms with a migraine.

So around 1 pm I took my daughter over to her friends, my son and my daughter were fighting and it just was stressing me out and I was worried about the symtoms that was happening, so I needed to do something. When I came home my left arm and hand went numb and was tingling and so I called my husband and told him I was scared, cause these are signs of a stroke and he asked if I had a headache and I told him no, so as the day went on and my stress got worse. By the time my husband got home @ 3:45 my whole face was numb, my tongue was numb, I had severe pressure in my head and a full blown migraine was coming. My left arm was still numb and the back of my neck was so stiff, it felt like some one was squeezing it tight.

So at this point it was medication time. So I gave myself the 6mg Sumatriptan shot, took Zolfran for nausea, Ibuprophen, and Vicodin and went to bed after about 20 minutes the numbess and timgling finally went away and the migraine went away. I was so scared that I was having a stroke. I hate having migraines. I also ended up in the ER about a month and a half ago. They are so costly. I really hope they find a cure for this. I will not give up hope.

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