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New Day, Same Headache

My story is not much different from everyone else's. I first got a migraine with aura, aphasia, and numbness on one side when I was 12. I got one or two a year through high school. The attacks left me unable to function or communicate. In college, I also got what I called "pain migraines" which were without aura in addition to migraine with aura. Over the decades the nature and triggers of the attacks changed. At one point I was getting a migraine with aura once a week. I had to take a few months off work. I am back to less frequency for now. My kids grew up with a mother who would suddenly become completely incapacitated. I was so happy when they got drivers licenses so they could take over driving if we were on a trip. My husband has had to deal with sudden changes in plans, and a wife who has to spend the day in a dark room.

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I'm now 58 and wondering what the future will be like. Imitrix was the miracle drug that allowed me to have the life I have had so far. Hopefully I'll keep having success with it.

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