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My New Neurologist Diagnosed Me, Finally!

What a difference the right specialist can make! After decades of bad headaches which got much worse after menopause, I started falling down for no reason, seeing double, having ringing in my ears, nausea & dizziness. Two Drs. diagnosed me with Ménière’s disease. But my hearing was perfect so my girlfriend said that diagnosis was wrong & sent me to her Dr, who quickly told me she thought my problems were migraine related. I was referred to a highly respected migraine specialist who, after a 2 hour appt. stated I had a rare type of migraine called Vestibular, with many of the same symptoms as Menieres.

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Under his care now as well as a Neuro Opthamologist, I am moving in the right direction. 2nd and 3rd opinions are sometimes vital in a difficult case.

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