New to migraines (I think)

And new to this site. Not sure I can share anything of value, but I can share my story so far.

Thirty years ago, I used to get bad headaches,but after I quit smoking they stopped. I sometimes called them migraines, but they were not diagnosed as such. I was unaware that my father had migraines with some sort of visual disturbance, and that my brother also had them a few years ago.

I still get the occasional mild headache,which I've thought were sinusitis. That was the diagnosis sometime in the last 16 years. I often put it down to extreme dust and lint from having my laundry equipment on bedroom level.

A year ago this month, I began having auras, but I don't get a pounding bad headache. Sometimes 15 minutes or so after the aura I get a mild headache.

The aura starts with a prodrome: vision problems where there is a "blind spot" in the centre of my field of vision. I also experience a feeling almost like nausea. Within a few minutes, the wavy lines start off to one side and move across my vision field. This usually goes on for about 10 minutes, then gradually the vision clears up, so within about 30 minutes, start to finish, the auras are over.

Last year I was having 3 or 4 a week, sometimes two in the same day. I had various tests: no TIA, no blockages, no sign of stroke. Neurologist said migraines. Optometrist said no eye problems.

I'd been tracking my food intake for a nutrition program I was taking and in August, when they were still happening, I decided to go on an elimination diet. I stopped eating all the possible triggers from the list of what I'd been eating: coffee,chocolate, prepared meats, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, peanuts, peanut butter, anything that I'd eaten the day before or day of the aura.

Although I'd had weeks where a few days would pass between auras, up to this point, I was having them every week. As soon as I started the elimination diet,(as well as a major source of stress in my life) the days started accumulating without auras. At the end of 3 months, and a hard 3 months it was, I had my first coffee. So far so good. After a week or so, I added another item. I went 216 days aura free, till March 28 of this year.

The only thing I hadn't tried was frozen yogurt, and as soon as I had one serving, within hours I had an aura. Since that time, I've had a few days without, even went 11 days in early April, but then back to every day or two.
So, I have started a modified elimination diet again, and at the moment have two days without aura.

I don't have any answers at this point. Not sure if the weather is an issue for me. But I think it is a cumulative effect of several trigger foods, and not a single one on its own.

I do not take any medication for this.


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