New to Migraines

I have always been very healthy, the last time I was even sick was 3 yrs ago with the flu. I have never had an issue with headaches but last July I had one that had been on going for about 3 weeks.

Then started experiencing numbness down the left side of my arm, kind of panic thinking maybe a heart attack of something. It was a day before my 45 birthday. They said I was just having a migraine because of hormonal changes happening in my body. So since then I had been having them about 3 - 5 days a month, always on my left side of my head, pretty tough to handle, I'm dizzy and would like to vomit but don't.

But last month I've had 3 attacks, barely a week apart lasting 5 days, 9 days then 7 days. Starting to really get me down. Finally broke down and went for meds, and am going in for a MRI today.

Is it common to start getting them so late in life?

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