It's nice to know I'm alone

Where do I start ... Well it all started 35 years ago, I was 12 and getting bad headaches . All through school bad headaches then a migraine here and there then bang early 20's they came full on .

My eye goes funny the pain on one side of my head the numbness in my arm and fingers and neck pain,ears ringing, nausea and the sensitively to light smell and sound, also I can get a blood nose before a migraine .They are genetic my grandmother my aunties my cousins and even my daughters the females seem to get it in my family .

I have tried everything , even Botox first round did not work waiting to have my second round in July I have a bad headache or a migraine everyday :( which most of us have on this site. I must say my husband is amazing without him I would be lost he takes care of me I had to stop work over 3 years ago as I just couldn't do it anymore the work only made my migraines intolerable.

I try massage, Chiropractic all the preventatives with not much relief. I just hope one day they find us help or better relief ... I sadly now all your pain but it's nice to know I'm not alone in this world of pain and disability .

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