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I had a terrible migraine yesterday – the pain’s not so bad because I have the right meds, but I could barely stay conscious all day and was dizzy – I felt like I was on a ship in rough seas. I had to go to bed right after work, that often happens with my migraines. I was awoken by the worst nightmare. It was terrifying. I even scared my dog who was panting next to me in the bed for fear. I got up and tried to calm down, but I was on high alert. I rarely get nightmares, except when I get migraines. Does anyone else have the migraine/nightmare connection? It makes sense as migraines coincide with a drop in serotonin.

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  • kfste91
    3 years ago

    Hi Anne,

    I recently started developing night terrors and sleep walking following a major migraine episode. I have never had this before and now for the past month since I had my previous big migraine I have been having troubles sleeping (and normally I am the best sleeper). Do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep after a migraine?

  • Elaine
    2 years ago

    I get weekend migraines during the night or upon awakening. Often I’m awakened from horrific, frightening nightmares. My body is so deeply rooted in the nightmares that I have to turn on lights, make sounds, anything to ground myself in reality. My body aches so bad, almost to the point of feeling like I am being controlled by forces beyond myself, like I was being held down or in a vice grip. I just don’t understand. I worked full time, got these migraines usually during Friday night/Saturday morning. Now that I’m part time on the same job, and only work Tuesday through Thursday, I am now getting the migraines Thursday night/Friday morning. What the @#@?&%!!!!

    It’s 1:45 am and I just had one such experience. I just want to beat my head against the wall in frustration to find relief. I don’t even want to go back to bed because it feels like something will come to get me. My body is still tight and I feel like I’m being controlled by something unworldly. I have never slept walked, but I do feel I’ve been somewhere. God, if I had to add that to my list of symptoms, you might as well shoot me.

  • Anne author
    3 years ago

    i have the opposite – I cannot stay away during and after a migraine. But, it makes sense as migraine can coincide with a drop in serotonin levels and I know that night terrors and serotonin can be interconnected.

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