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At the age of 4-6 years old my mother was told I have a seizures disorder and was put on Depakote among other seizure medications to try throughout the many years. As I got older I was able to investigate and seek medical help by myself for my in quote "seizures", so at the age of 27 I went and got tested again for seizures because I wasn't satisfied with believing what I had was seizures, there was NO WAY I believed what I was diagnosed with was the correct diagnosis... never in my life I would have thought I had a migraine disorder.

Being exposed to the world of migraine

I never even knew there were so many migraine disorders. i thought a migraine was just an intense headache, and that there was no other kind of migraines, I never knew there were more types of migraines, so after all the testing and neurologist appointments. I was correctly diagnosed with probably the most excruciating intense severe migraine disorder; there probably is out there! I was diagnosed with having complex migraines, if you don't know what they are im going to sum it up for you quickly.

Defining complex migraine

They mimic a stroke... half of my muscles on one side of my body goes completely numb and limp, yes my tongue as well, it ends up feeling swollen and makes it hard sometimes to talk, but I can communicate still but just can't move my tongue, and I vomit sometimes, I'm paralyzed, and under the mercy of this complex migraine, my eyes go into the neon effect and shapes that sometimes slightly blind my vision but not completely though, and not always so server, sometimes confusion if its a server episode. But confusion rarely happens tg!

Winding down from the pain

Than when it's all done I end up with the severe pain of the migraine, the neurologist doctors say people that have these usually grow out of them, well here I am 37 and still have them...I can honestly say I wouldn't wish my worse enemy to have these. They have inconvenienced my life for so many years, and I feel embarrassed when I'm around other people and have an episode happen. Still, I know when an episode is about to take place because I know the signs and I know my body. I've excepted my disability a few years ago and just deal with them the best I can, but I hate when I have to have help because I feel like my episodes are a burden on others, so I don't ask for help unless its a trip to the ER for them.

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