No Insurance Due To High Costs and Having To Do Alternative Treatment

Actually, I had signed up for insurance. But, they didn't do what they promised and still refused to cover costs after the deductible was made. Even in accordance to what the policy said, they said the opposite: "denied". So, I had to cancel because I could not afford to pay full price at the doctor and give the insurance company money to do no help in paying medical bills.

So where does that leave me?

I'm still able to go to my chiropractor at a reduced rate and luckily I have a great one. By the way, this was the doctor that the insurance refused to pay even though it stated chiropractic was covered. Dr. P has not received a red cent from them yet! And yet, he isn't penalizing me because of them; he's making sure I'm taken care well care of.

So, other than chiropractic, I've researched homeopathic treatments. I don't think I'm able to list what I'm taking but it's done as well as standard treatment only without the horrid side effects that drugs like Topamax gives. Basically they're standard for a few disorders as I've went ahead and researched for my other ailments too (arthritis, IBS, depression and nervousness, carpal tunnel syndrome). This way I won't take anything that will adversely affect the other medication.

It's been a month and with the homeopathic treatments, I do notice a "leveling" off in that the migraines are triggered by their usual triggers (I'm so hypersensitive it isn't funny: sound, light, air pressure all triggers). Even my chiropractor adjusting me hurts (and he is super gentle).

So actually right now, it's rained this afternoon here as per summertime in North Georgia. My head seems stable at the moment; it would otherwise be pounding with conventional treatment. So, I must be doing something correctly.

Now, before anyone raises their warning about me treating myself homeopathically, I will give this information. I have researched migraines and medications and treatments thoroughly. I've been seen in the past by at least 5 different neurologists (including one at Emory who turned out to be a quack. The only treatment I would receive from them when I had an attack was cortisone and then they refused to give me any rescue meds or other treatments blaming me that the pain was "all in my head" (no pun intended)).

The other alternative therapies I do are chiropractic and I WISH I could add acupuncture back (no reasonable traditional acupuncturists around me). One person only would do acupuncture on the ear totally ignoring the who purpose of acupuncture with the flow of electrical energy in the body and its' meridians. I had in the past one doctor who happened to be an orthopedist (I was a martial artist; body is too damaged now for anything more than stretches and moving meditations). He was also Chinese and an awesome exceptional practitioner of acupuncture. I wish he was still around. But I have my chiropractor (I have a really bad spinal column).

So, make sure you really research what you need and even though I have lost all hope in finding a neurologist "worth his salt" who actually cares and wants me to heal, I'll follow Dr. P's advice.

Again I do not think I'd be authorized to tell ya'll exactly what I'm taking even though I'd like to but it is specifically for my body system. It is tailored to my migraine patterns. It took a lot of research and I do understand all of it (helped that I have a medical background other than that of being a patient).

I also live in fear that I'll wake up with my arms immovable with no feeling again (yes, that happened) after a bad migraine. The Emory doctor also stated that there was nothing wrong with me. My mistake was that I panicked and didn't immediately go to the ER about it. I still have some numbness in my left arm on top side. Yes, that happened. Migraines are terrifying a lot.

I just wish they'd find a real way to help us that didn't cost us a kidney.

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