The Pain No One Understands

I started getting headaches as a child. They were pretty bad. Tried all different things but nothing seemed to work. Then my late teens the migraines started every weekend just about. I couldn't do anything. They were so painful, vomiting constantly.


I was put on a couple of medications, nothing worked for long. Finally went to a neurologist tried a combination of different medications, still no success. That was 20 yrs ago. The pain has kept me from working, people talk about you, who have never experienced a migraine.

Life on hold with migraine

It's very discouraging when you know someone thinks you're making it up, they say they can't be that horrible to keep you from going to work. I'm trying a couple of new medications now, done other treatments. I still suffer with them, miss work. My life has been put on hold because of the excruciating pain. I think migraines will be with me forever. My daughter suffers from them too, she's 34 just started going to a neurologist this year. I hate that she's experiencing this unbearable pain too.

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