Now I Know I’ll Be There

I used to get two or three migraines a month, and each migraine would last maybe two or three days. For me, the pain started out on one side of the head with a manageable throb. It got worse and worse until it was at the point where I started to get nauseous. Once I got nauseous, I had to be lying down in a bed.

I tried to prepare my room so I had everything in order. I had my bottle of water by the bed and the curtains drawn. Overall, it was pretty excruciating. It’s like having a bad, bad case of the flu except that it comes at a moment’s notice. My life would come to a complete stop.

The treatments I had in the past were mostly revolving around pain medication. I became more hesitant about those because I knew how often I got those headaches. To be taking any kind of pain medication bothered me because it was addictive, and there were side effects.

Then I was introduced to a new treatment; actually it was similar to something my Neurologist tried a few years back. But this time it worked. My doctor called it MiRx. This treatment sprayed a medicine on to a nerve in my nasal passage. I’m weird about things in my nose but this wasn’t too bad. It was like instant relief. The whole thing took about two minutes. If it works this good on everyone then this is going to be the wave of the future for migraine sufferers.

I can’t tell you the relief I had, both from pain and from the anxiety. I can look forward to events and now I can use my vacation time for vacations. In fact, there’s a wedding coming up, and I don’t have to worry it...I know I’m going to be there. Migraines don’t control my life anymore.

I’ve had only a few treatments over the past year and don’t experience serious migraine any longer. (Fingers crossed)

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