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Non-stop Headaches, So Now What?

They are not going away. I continue to punish myself (as do others) for what I'm not getting done. So now what? Do what you can, the not-so-simple answer for me.

My answer is to give up on the notion I may find the "cure" for myself through this doctor or that medicine. I have resolved to only be able to mitigate, take the edge off, and do what I can.

So what does my migraine day look like? Well obviously if it's a full-on, knees on the floor, dark room migraine - I'm in bed. But what about the other days? The before the headache, headache hangover, and the not so on my knees headache days? The semi-functioning days are what I'm talking about - and there are sooooo many.

A productivity push

I think, "What can I do?" I can fold clothes. I can do dishes or make my bed. I can make a phone call to my mother that I've put off. There are so many small things I can take off my plate and so that's what I do. I concentrate on what I can do vs. what I can't do (easier said than done).

And believe me, it's hard. I talk myself through the anxiety by deducing to the moment. Right now I'm watching TV, or sitting, or literally breathing. Right now I'm breathing and it's all I can do. Then I forget the anxiety and walk the dog (with black sunglasses) - or some other small thing that I can get done even though it hurts and I feel like crap and I can't think and I want to throw up... and... and... and.

Accepting what I have accomplished

So now what? Anything that I can do - anything at all - just not everything. And I let myself off the hook because I accomplished something, no matter the size.

That's it for now - but I have sooooo much more to say. Hang in there!

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