How Migraine Occurred in My Life?

From several days ago, I was working on the screen of my laptop. My brain becomes too stress, and my eyes are also enhanced pain with hard headache pain. I was very tense about that situation, but I move forward and left that position. I feel it's temporary or happens by hard worked. But, after some days a headache pain again appears frequently. I haven't contact with my doctor, and I feel it's because of stomach problem, etc. One day when I was so worried from that problem, i goes to an eye doctor and check here my eyes then, he says it's my side problem.

The Doctor completely checked my eyes and suggested some medicines also take advice me to treat me in some days, and I will get well soon. But after use glasses, the headache problem still continues. Then I was contact with a medical doctor, and he discovers my migraine disease cause in my body.

Doctor advise me some home natural remedies should be used in daily food as well as some other medicine gives me for proper treatment. I am correctly all right to fit after these dosages. There are following home remedies should be used in food are provided below. Also, these are so essential for us.

Cayenne Pepper.

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