Migraines and Office Jobs Don't Mix

I have always had a desk job in front of multiple monitors and fluorescent lights. I remember once or twice a year getting the worst pain in my jaw and left side of my head and having to take a few days off a year due to this pain. I also remember the few days it took to recover. I didn't know yet that it was a migraine.

Gradually the frequency of the migraines has increased as well as the severity of the symptoms, it went from a few times a year, to every few months, then every few weeks, then every few days to full out every day now (I am always either suffering from a migraine or post-migraine). Now the pain is in my neck, shoulder, jaw, and left side of my head. I have done so many things to try and help, acupuncture, keto diet, and finally am on preventative meds: Amitriptyline and Cyclobenzaprine. I finally feel pain free (towards the end of 24 hours I feel the pain creep in, its STILL THERE, its just numbed) the problem is I MYSELF feel completely numb as well... I am working on going on another extended leave at work.

Thankfully I work for a large bank for several years so I have disability through work as long myself and my doctor do all the paperwork correctly I should get approved. I was on a leave for a month, came back for only 5 DAYS and got triggered TWICE (once from stinky perfume and another time from the fluorescent lights) at work. I am happy to be feeling the best I have in 2 months but I am also STONED out of my mind on these pills and NO WAY can I drive to work. This is still an "in progress" story. I cannot see myself taking these pills long term unless I am able to take these and also send lengthy complicated work emails. I am struggling with leaving work constantly, the paperwork can be stressful and annoying. it is a lot of work to go on a leave. I have been struggling and thinking maybe something part time and near by would be better instead of full time and a 30-45 minute commute (one way)....

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