I read your stories and feel so fortunate. My 24/7 headache started suddenly 10 years ago, as a result of severe sleep deprivation. I was 70 at the time. Had never had a headache ever. Even tho I slept all the time a sleep study showed I didn't. In fact, I was near death actually sleeping only 4-5 minutes an hour. My brain wasn't telling my lungs to work. Imagine that! Was finally rx'd a CPAP that takes over my breathing. I still have the headache tho not so severe. 10mg of Vicodan twice a day keeps me sane.

Name the drug for migraine (and nerve damage) and I've tried it to no avail. My brain is almost fully recovered from the damage caused by the sleep deprivation. But I continue with the headache. I found that if I sit still and don't move my head the pain backs off. Perhaps it's the compression of the nerve roots in my neck that is the culprit. It's all so complicated isn't it? I read all your posts, looking for more answers. It helps that I don't feel so alone with this. Thanks!

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