I've been dealing with chronic migraine for two years. However, about six months or so ago, my typical migraine pattern changed. It felt strange and different, which made me feel a bit concerned, so I had my neurologist order an MRI around August in hopes of ruling out anything dangerous. To my relief, the MRI came back normal and life went on.

Well, now the pattern has changed again along with some of the symptoms and I'm starting to feel panicky about it all over again. Part of me wants to ask my neurologist to order another MRI and another part of me doesn't for fear that she'll be annoyed with me or think I'm a hypochondriac, especially because I had an MRI just a few months ago.

Also, for the sake of clarity, I'm not over here self-diagnosing and looking up the worst case scenario on WebMD or anything like that. Sure, there *are* a few specific things that come to mind, but I'm not allowing myself to give those types of things too much thought. I just need reassurance.

Has anyone else gone through anything similar? If so, how did you deal with it?


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