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Over the years, I’ve had periods where I have tremors that are bad that I can’t write, reach for things or walk steadily. These symptoms go along with headache pain and foggy thinking. I’ve had this kind of migraine on and off for years. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Have you found anything that helps? Thanks.

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    4 years ago

    I’ve recently been having muscle spasms that the neurologist calls myoclonus. However it doesn’t seem to happen as often or as badly as yours. For me, it seems to happen anytime I’m falling asleep. I’m taking medication to manage it and it helps.

    Our mind can panic thinking of all the “what ifs.” Does this only happen to you when you have a Migraine? I would suggest finding a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders.

    Let us know how things progress and best wishes!
    -Katie Moderator

  • Jenn Lebowitz
    4 years ago

    Hello pga062,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You may be interested to know that you are welcome to post in our forums for more potential feedback from the community: We also strongly encourage anyone experiencing new or worsening symptoms to speak with their doctor about it as soon as possible.

    I truly hope this proves helpful.


    Jenn (Community Manager,

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