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Migraines are the party guest that won't go home

I started getting migraines in college. Like the title implies, they have never left. Oh yes, they have fooled me into thinking they aren't coming back. They always do and when they do, they are relentless and debilitating.

When I first started getting migraines in college, they were mind numbing. I wanted to believe that if I breathed right or calmed down they would go away. As people say, "Hind sight is everything!" After finally seeing a neurologist, keeping a headache diary, eliminating foods and drinks and carrying around my own personal pharmacy we finally figured out my migraines stemmed from two issues. First, I had female hormonal headaches. Second, I had weather related migraines.

Somehow, knowing causes helps me to believe that there can be a cure. That keeps me going. I want to share any good information I find because I know how awful migraines can be and how, unless you have them, people can not believe you would miss work, school or important engagements. My Dad still thinks I can just take a couple Tylenol and be done with it. I am now almost 50 and still trying to convince him that migraines warrant more ammo than popping a couple Tylenol.

I joined this community to encourage and be encouraged. Lets help each other! I appreciate each and every one of you!!

That's my story :)

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