Passing out

Hello everyone I m new to the migraine community. My most recent bout with migraine was, over memorial day. It hit me like a freight train. I woke up, with a screaming headache. Like my head was split in two, felt weak like I was going to pass out. The weather did not help, it rained for 5 days. I was in bed all 5 days. When I got to my Dr, I passed out in her office,2xs. This has never happened before. I felt like I was in like a dream state, my headache Dr,gave me a optical nerve block. I did get releaf in my neck. I'm still having some slight headache. He wants me to have an EEG, which he will discuss, he is Neurologist/headache thankful I'm not alone in this,I've, never passes out before. Has anyone ever had Botox for Migraine? He said that he would recommend that for me.

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