I began to get migraines at age 25. They became progressively worse, often lasting 3 days. My family suffered as I could keep going at work but had to collapse at home. Only now 45 years later are they under control because I previously refused to accept that diet played a big part. All the usual triggers apply but i am on a Banting diet and limit myself to 3 cups of a coffee/chicory mix (ricoffee). Nuts are bad, especially almonds. All the things I love!
But for pain lie face down with the bones on the back of your hand applying pressure to the middle of the works really well. (An old African remedy - some tie a string tightly around the forehead with the knot in the middle. Elastic with velcro works very well and an Indian headache band has 3 magnets on the forehead.
Airline eye masks help to cut out light.

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