Living with a Permanent Headache

Last updated: November 2021

My headaches/migraines began 4 1/2 years ago and they have been a mystery ever since. In this time I have seen all types of practitioners, taken all types of medications, and feel like I’m running out of options.

The most frustrating thing about my chronic pain is that it doesn’t fit into any of the migraine/headaches variants that I’ve come across or been told of.

Persistent pain

To best describe it, it’s a permanent headache on the right side of my head with additional pain through my neck, behind my eye, around the ear, sometimes into the sinus. When I say permanent I mean there hasn’t been a second in the 4 1/2 years where it’s gone away.

Other symptoms include tiredness and body fatigue and noise sensitivity. The only initial cause I can pinpoint them down to is an injury to my neck and shoulder from my work which involves physical labour. Where to go from here? … I’m not really sure.

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