To pierce or not to pierce...

I'm celebrating a milestone... 1 month without a migraine!!!!!

I've been a sufferer since my early teens who was first diagnosed with Classic Auras and then later with "silent". I'd get them about 4 - 5 times a month and would either end up in bed for a day or so or the lately, the hospital. I started researching alternative and natural methods because I wanted to get away from all the drugs that I seem to be pouring into my body. I came across an article about piercing and it caught my attention. A lot of people were talking about the wonders of getting the Daith of their ear pierced (this is the weird triangular looking cartilage area inside your ear right by your canal.) I started looking it up on different sites and there were a lot of pros and cons. I called various tattoo & Piercing shops and actually spoke to a few people who had gotten it done. I spent almost 2 months researching before I decided that I wanted to try it. Now all I had to do was get the courage up to go do it. I've had my upper ear cartilage done and I knew how much that had hurt so I was anticipating pain.

Another month and a few more migraines later I finally decided enough was enough. I'd just gotten through 3 days of intense searing pain over my left eye and no meds seemed to help. I ended up at the shop with my daughter for support and had a consultation with the guy who was going to do it. He said most people got the piercing on the side that they seem to have the most pain so I opted for my left. The shop was very clean and he showed me each piece of equipment as he took it out of the sterilizer. All new opened right before my eyes. He had me lay on my side and told me I might feel a pinch and that I should take a deep breath on the count of 3. He counted...1...2.. and on 3 stuck the curved surgical needle through. Except for the initial zing of the tip of the needle touching my skin it never hurt at all.

So, for the past month I've been waiting.... waiting for the auras, the pain, the pressure.. but guess what, nothing. I, who've been having 4-5 raging migraines a month had nothing. I know the skeptics are going to say it's all psychological but if it is I'm happy with that.
I've gone a month with no Tylenol, no Advil, no Frova, no trips to the hospital. I'm sleeping better. Smiling more. Participating in family activities and even my co workers have noticed a positive difference in my mood and interactions (hadn't told them at first).

So to pierce or not to pierce?  Well, for me it was a life changing decision that gave me back me. For you, it's a personal choice and you have to do the research to figure out if it's the right decision for you.

Good Luck!

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