Why I Play The Ukulele In A Troubled Fashion

Sometimes, I play fast fast fast.
Sometimes, I play slowly.
Sometimes, sometimes, I never know.

Sometimes, I see my four fingers
Gliding down the fretboard.
Sometimes, sometimes, I never know.

Sometimes, I speak fast fast fast.
Sometimes, I speak slowly.
Sometimes, sometimes, there is no show

And tell.
Oh, the fast is fast.
Oh, the slow is slow.

I need to last in this winter’s snow.
And keep myself held together,
Not fall apart — helter-skelter.

Sometimes, I see fast fast fast.
Sometimes, I see slowly.
Too many times, I never know

What to expect and what not.
I need to go west but I do not.
I better rest till the end of the show,

Keep my head on my neck
And above the water
As long as I can

And breathe
Like a person is supposed to —
In and out, out and in.

Sometimes, it’s fast fast fast.
Sometimes, it’s slow.
No matter, no matter, I never know.

Photo by Joints Creative on Unsplash

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