Prescription for Imitrex denied by pharmacist!

Hi everyone! I've suffered from migraines since I'm 18 yrs. old and am now 64. I've been to many doctors over the years and all of them have tried to help, I must admit. I've had numerous tests as I'm sure all of you have been through and many, many preventatives that don't work because of side-effects that were unbearable or just didn't work. Period.

I have researched medications to the nth degree over the years and found a very good doctor in NYC (I live in PA) who is head of the NY Headache Center. He believes that after all else has been tried and failed, a daily dose of Imitrex to give the patient their life back isn't such a horrible risk. I have tried everything known to man and nothing works except this regimen. Sometimes, I don't even have to take anything. But, just knowing that I have access to the medication is half the battle and I'm more relaxed and confident that I can get through a day without taking Sumatriptan.

Well, my Primary Care doctor read his papers on this philosophy and I told him it works for me. He prescribed me 30/month "in case" I would have to follow this regimen. Taking pain pills upon pain pills rots my intestinal area and why should I feel "out of it" on narcotics and sedatives. No thanks. I volunteer at a local cancer center and hold down a part time job. I also have a husband who is going blind at the age of 69 and it's stressful. Migraine inducing.
I've had this prescribed to me for over 2 yrs. at the same pharmacy (CVS) and all of a sudden (today) the pharmacist said she is not "comfortable" filling it and I need to go to another pharmacy if I want to continue filling this prescription in this way. The doctor's special notation is "no monthly limit" so they don't give me any problems. I pay for it out of pocket as the insurance won't cover that much. That's ok - I can do it. Not only did she humiliate me and "scold" me, but others heard her so she violated the HIPAA law! I told her my doctor prescribed it and I get tests on my heart (echocardiogram) yearly and liver/kidney function on top of regular bloodwork. She didn't care. She said it's "my opinion and MY initials on this medication!) If she wanted to give me a lecture, she should've asked me to step into a private office in the back! I was in tears. She filled it this time, but said to come back in a month - not a few weeks. Just like that!

I would love to hear some feedback from the group on here as your opinions mean everything as you are all the "experts" on migraines.

Thanks for listening - I'm very disgusted and don't know what to do.

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