Quitting Emgality

I quit emgality 6 months ago.
I did not take Topamax. My weight was always 120 at the most. I eat a vegan diet and am a runner. Emgality didn’t cure my migraines but my weight increased to 145, I only took two doses for two months .. Nov 2019 I didn’t take my dose. I am now running a mile every day and am on a liquid diet of one smoothie a day and diet pills.

Weight gain from Emgality

I weighed myself today and I’m at 145. I skip dinners and lunches and supplement with miso soups. At my neurologist's office, I weighed in at 150. I used to have perfect blood levels before Emgality. I was told I had nothing to worry about. Now I’m pre-diabetic at 121 glucose and a failing kidney. I’m also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. I walk with a crutch.
Is this coincidental? Prior to Emgality, I did yoga, running, and ate 3 times a day, now I take pain pills and force myself to run with a brace on my foot...

I can’t fit into any of my clothes,
I’ve isolated myself from embarrassment from my weight. I’m 5 foot 4.

I’m thinking about donating blood to get this poison out of my system...

Maybe it’s permanent metabolism damage.

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