How My Migraines Went Away

I am not a doctor and I am not in the medical field but I really want to get my story out there because I think it will help a lot of migraine sufferers.

I have had migraines for a very long time so I was a heavy Excedrin Migraine user for a very long time. I would take 6-8 pills a day to help alleviate my constant headaches. For many years, I just accepted the migraines as my "normal". They were debilitating. I needed to lie down and close my eyes in a quiet room to get some relief. I would see flashes and suffer from sounds. It was awful.

Vertigo with migraine

Just last year, I began suffering from Vertigo. That is a whole different ballgame. It got so bad that I had to steady myself down the hall by holding walls. I finally decided that I'd had enough.

I made an appointment with my doctor about vertigo. During this visit, I was asked various things, one of them being whether I have headaches. I went on to explain my headaches and vertigo. After going for a CAT scan of my brain and finding no abnormalities, my doctor suggested that I should go see a neurologist. I booked my appointment.

My neurologist appointment

At the neurologist's office, I explained my problems and told him how many Excedrin I take every day. He mentioned that I could be suffering from rebound headaches. That is, headaches that are "brought on" by chronic Excedrin use. The neurologist made the suggestion for me to try to stop taking Excedrin. He said it might take about 3-4 weeks to feel better as it is not unlike a "withdrawal" period. I decided to take the leap.

Dealing with rebound headaches

It did take about three weeks but I wanted to see what happens. I no longer have cluster headaches or migraines! It has changed my life. I don't have to take time out of my day to seclude myself in the bedroom under the covers. I went cold turkey and it worked. If this helps any migraine sufferers like it helped me, I hope to hear from them. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Sincerely, #migrainefree

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