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One day (January 2018) I was at my computer at work and I had what I can only describe as a slow and total eclipse of my right eye. No pain, no dizziness just a black spot that rose from the bottom of my vision to the center, turned blurry and went away. I went to urgent care, they thought it was a T.I.A because I didn't have a migraine. Two days later my speech was slurred, I struggled to find words, I had developed some rather moderate cognitive decline. I began to stumble when I walked, my hands and face were numb. I was taken to the E.R. The MRIs were clear, I was completely healthy. No stroke.

I was referred to a neurologist. I continued with these symptoms. He tested me for Primary Progressive Aphasia, Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, etc etc. 8 months of testing until the monsoons hit and I went in for a nerve conduction test in my legs. I had a slight dull head ache and had no symptoms at all. It was the first time the neurologist had heard me speak fluently. He finally was able to put it together as Persistent Migraine Aura. In the 8 months I have lost my job, I am losing my house, I cant drive, and I have to be involved in the confounded social security system. I am hoping the lamictal l will work for me because I have lost everything.

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